There is no limit

Stuttering related organisations around the world have signed a letter of congratulations to President Biden as the first US President who has a stutter.

Stuttering doesn’t mean we are any less intelligent, nervous or anxious. It just means that our words may take a little longer to get out so please be patient when you meet someone who has a stutter and wait for us to finish our thoughts.

The full joint letter

Dear Mr President 

Warm congratulations on your inauguration today from the stuttering community from across the globe. 

As someone with a stutter, your achievement stands testament to the fact that having a stutter is no reflection upon brains or talent.  This is an empowering message for young people who stutter here, and in every continent around the world, and a powerful message to all those who don’t stutter. Stuttering should be no bar to success.     

You stutter. We stutter. It’s how we talk.