WSN Youth Committee

I’m excited to announce that the World Stuttering Network (WSN) has recently setup a Youth Committee led by Chairman Sam, who you see in this video. They are changing one of their two monthly meetings to support the Australian time zone (and all others between here and the UK) so please check out details below. 

Please email for the Zoom link and indicate if you are a parent of a youth who has a stutter, speech pathologist or speech pathology student. 

Message from WSN:

Our WSN Youth Committee Chairman, Sam Wiggins, has initiated an earlier meeting on Saturday, Jan 30th to accommodate our friends we haven’t met yet in Australia and Southeast Asia!

Date:  Saturday, Jan 30th


• 8pm ……………… Brisbane

• 7pm ………………. Tokyo

• 3:30pm …………. New Delhi

• 10am ……………… London 

What we do:

• World Friending Pair up for one-on-one conversations with kids who stutter (KWS) & parents from around the world!

• Panel discussion with a few adults who stutter.  Kids ask the questions!

• Games if time allows

What to expect:

• No one talks unless THEY want to. 

• Use of chat is totally cool.

How do we keep this safe for kids?

In addition to Zoom’s Waiting Room feature, the initial room is used to insure:

• All cameras are turned on

• A parent/guardian is on screen with the KWS.

(For our Zoom techies, the initial Zoom room co-host becomes the gatekeeper for the meeting.  This person insures the above conditions are met and then sends participants to Breakout Room #1, which is used as the main room.  ‘Participants choose their own Breakout Room’ is disabled; manual is turned on)

Make new friends & have fun with the WSN Youth Committee!