World Stuttering Network presents StutterFEST 2021

The Australian Speak Easy Association is excited to be part of StutterFEST 2021, presented by the World Stuttering Network. The program can be downloaded from the link above and FAQs are below.

TOP 5 Questions about StutterFEST:

Q. What is StutterFEST?  

• A celebration of our worldwide stuttering community.

• Opportunity to meet people who stutter and those who support them from around the world

Q.  Who will be on our virtual stage?

• Organizations (national, world, virtual)

• Top Researchers from around the world!

• SEAtalk (Stuttering, Education, Advocacy) Keynote Speakers

• World-renowned Podcasters with a LIVE broadcast

Q.  Does it cost anything? Will I be asked for a donation?  No.  

      Stuttering support groups don’t cost anything.

Q.  How long is it?  Do I have to attend the whole event?

• 20 hours.  

• Starts at 10am (London)…5am (New York)…7pm Sydney

• Join anytime.  Stay as long as you like.

Q.  How do I join?

• Here’s the registration link:

• YouTube Live streaming

• Link will be posted everywhere as we get closer to the event.

BONUS QUESTION: Is this just a bunch of speakers all day?  No way!  Plenty of opportunity for engagement and interaction all day long.