Worldwide Virtual Meetup for Youth Who Stutter

The World Stuttering Network (WSN) is hosting a Youth Committee virtual meetup.

Please email for the Zoom link.

20 February 2021

8pm – Brisbane, QLD, Australia

10am – London, UK

5am – Miami, FL, USA

What the Youth Committee does:

• World Friending Pair up for one-on-one conversations with kids who stutter (KWS) & parents from around the world!

• Panel discussion with a few adults who stutter.  Kids ask the questions!

• Games if time allows

What to expect:

• No one talks unless THEY want to. 

• Use of chat is totally cool.

How do we keep this safe for kids?

• All cameras are turned on

• A parent/guardian is on screen with the KWS.

Make new friends & have fun with the WSN Youth Committee!