Sam finds the right words for his speech

Thank you Sam for finding your right words about your speech.

Check out the link for the Stamma article and a video of Sam reading his poem.

Dear World

I want the world to know
I don’t ‘suffer’ from a stammer
Your negative words hit hard
Like someone with a hammer

Comments sometimes negative
You use words like weak and bad
I’ll let you into a secret
Your comments make me mad

We celebrate our differences
Be yourself and I’ll be me
If everyone was the same
A boring place this world would be

There are so many positives
And useful words to use
The unkind words and negatives
We must all learn to lose

We’re courageous, we’re strong
We’re important and we’re brave
By using positive words
A brighter future we will pave

I know I rock my stammer
That’s how I’d describe me
It’s nothing to be ashamed of
And I want you all to see

I would never want to change
The person that I am
If I didn’t have a stammer
Then I certainly wouldn’t be Sam

You cannot fix a stammer
Bumps and pauses you will hear
I’ll just use some more skills
To help me sound more clear

Let’s all be more positive
And change our point of view
These things will only happen
If I have the help from you

Your job is not to judge
And make sure you do not shame
God made us all so different
And none of us are the same

Everyone made so special
All individual and unique
My superpower being
The special way that I speak!