When I Stutter Virtual Screening

“Stuttering can have a profound emotional impact on one’s life. In making WHEN I STUTTER, I was astounded by the honesty and candor with which the interviewees express themselves. From the depths of hopelessness to the heights of redemption, these stories will change how you view stuttering.”
John Gomez – Director, WHEN I STUTTER



Join us for a free virtual screening of this film (family friendly version)

20 May 2021 at 7pm Queensland time zone

Registration required


Speak Freely Virtual Meetup: 17 May 2021

This is a casual online event for anyone who has an interest in stuttering, including people who stutter, families, speech pathologists (and students) and friends.

Come and speak freely using whatever tools you want to (or don’t want to) use without judgement. Share your stories and journey.

Please visit speakeasy.org.au/virtual for details and registration link for the next Virtual Meetup.

NDIS and Stuttering

The Australian Speak Easy Association (ASEA) is exploring ways that members may be able to access the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), and have already commenced interaction with senior officers of NDIS the nature of stuttering.

The NDIS is a Federal government scheme designed to assist with the provision of grants to persons who have permanent disabilities.

ASEA is seeking to find out from people who stutter (and parents of children who stutter) what their experiences have been in trying to become an eligible participant for NDIS programs.

If you, or anyone you know, have had experiences with NDIS in seeking help with a stutter, the ASEA would like to hear about your experiences.


Find the Right Words

Global campaign launches to tackle the harmful language around stuttering

Find the Right Words, created by VMLY&R, aims to change public perception and start a new conversation about stuttering.

A global campaign, created by VMLY&R and in collaboration with Stamma and Wikipedia, launches to change the public’s perception of stuttering. “Find the Right Words” aims to start a new conversation around harmful biased language, one which has never entered the public eye when it comes to stuttering.

The ASEA also launches Editorial Guidelines to create lasting change and enable everyone to find the right words when thinking or speaking about stuttering. We hope the guidelines can set an example in the publishing, creative, recruitment and education sectors.

Stamma in the UK, the National Stuttering Association in the USA, the Canadian Stuttering Association, and the Irish Stammering Association are also supporting “Find the Right Words” campaign, giving the message a truly global reach.

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  • Senior Designer: Dominic Frain

Production Company: Scissors & Glue

  • Director: Chris Daw
  • Producer: Joseph Walker
  • VO Artist: Scroobius Pip
  • Sound Engineer: Aaron Croston
  • Composer: Dan Liakh

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