Smooth Speech Maintenance Skype Group

Thursday and Sunday evenings

7:30pm NSW time zone

Please email at least one of the following people prior to the meeting time.

Evan Goodfellow,
Mark Delahunty,
Peter Greville,

Details of this online group:

• Each session lasts approximately 2 hours. So even if you cannot join us until 8 or 8:30 pm, that’s fine. You can still participate.

• It’s a great way to practice your smooth speech techniques, especially if you cannot attend a meeting in person.

• It’s also about meeting new people, but having fun at the same time.

• We each do 2 minutes of reading, and then a 2 minute monologue. We always let the other members know what techniques we will be focusing on, then give our own feedback, as well as receiving positive feedback from the other members of the group.

• We are all about practicing to improve our techniques and continual self-evaluation. This self-evaluation I believe will assist us in the real world

• Following our monologues, we will talk about anything and everything. We may have a debate, play trivia, or discuss the latest hot topics. Whatever we talk about, we ensure we all have equal talking time.

• Depending on the amount of people on that night, we may split into two or three groups. We try and have no more than four people per group.