About Us

The Australian Speak Easy Association (ASEA) was initially formed as the Speak Easy Association in 1980 in NSW as a support and maintenance group for people who stutter who had participated in the Smooth Speech therapy program. In 1985, the national body known as the Australian Speak Easy Association was formed as other states began to offer similar support and maintenance groups for the Smooth Speech program.

Today the ASEA offers support to all people who stutter, regardless of therapy affiliation or people who haven’t participated in any form of speech therapy. The Smooth Speech maintenance groups still exist in many parts of the country but we also have new Speak Freely meetup groups in some cities, which are casual events for people with an interest in stuttering. People come along and speak freely, using whatever tools they want or don’t want to use. There is no judgment as we share our stories and journeys.


  • To aid and support people who stutter with moral and practical support and by providing as much factual information as possible about stuttering and treatment available in Australia and overseas.
  • To empower people who stutter to achieve self acceptance and satisfaction in their personal lives and relationships and in their careers.
  • To support in all ways parents of children who stutter.
  • To contribute to community understanding of the nature of stuttering and its impact on people who stutter.
  • To relieve the distress, misfortune, suffering and helplessness of people who stutter.


  • To provide a national website providing information about the Association, stuttering in general and treatments available.
  • To provide information on treatment options and research to people who stutter, parents of children who stutter and the general community via state based groups.
  • To make available small groups and other opportunities to practise fluent speaking in a supportive environment.
  • To offer guidelines for any group practice sessions or meetings.
  • To promote the ASEA to people who stutter, their families and the general community.
  • To publish a regular magazine, newsletter or other publication.
  • To encourage and promote inter group visiting including debates and social activities.
  • To implement such other objectives as the National Council and the Association members may determine from time to time.