Aims and Objectives


  • To aid and support people who stutter with moral and practical support and by providing as much factual information as possible about stuttering and treatment available in Australia and overseas.
  • To empower people who stutter to achieve self acceptance and satisfaction in their personal lives and relationships and in their careers.
  • To support in all ways parents of children who stutter.
  • To contribute to community understanding of the nature of stuttering and its impact on people who stutter.
  • To relieve the distress, misfortune, suffering and helplessness of people who stutter.


  • To provide a national website providing information about the Association, stuttering in general and treatments available.
  • To provide information on treatment options and research to people who stutter, parents of children who stutter and the general community via state based groups.
  • To make available small groups and other opportunities to practise fluent speaking in a supportive environment.
  • To offer guidelines for any group practice sessions or meetings.
  • To promote the ASEA to people who stutter, their families and the general community.
  • To publish a regular magazine, newsletter or other publication.
  • To encourage and promote inter group visiting including debates and social activities.
  • To implement such other objectives as the National Council and the Association members may determine from time to time.