2020 Conference: Patrick, Sam and Chris

Patrick Campbell: Cambridge, England

Sam Simpson: London, England

Chris Constantino: Tallahassee, Florida

Stuttering Pride and Prejudice

Stuttering has historically been thought of as a speech defect within an individual, as informed by the medical model of disability. However, alternative models of disability are challenging this preconception. The core of these emerging counternarratives is the liberating change in perspective from stuttering as a speech dysfunction (under the medical model) to a different and respected way of speaking where any disablement is a result of the way society is structured (under the social model). Additionally, some models, such as the political-relational model and neurodiversity, go further to position stuttering as a natural and valuable form of speech diversity that people who stutter may become proud of.

In this presentation, Sam, Patrick and Chris will consider different models of disability and their implications for people who stutter, clinical practice and research. They will reflect on how people who stutter, professionals and researchers can work together to empower and liberate the stammered voice.

Patrick Campbell: Patrick Campbell is a stammerer and junior doctor living in Cambridge England. He has an interest in how public and self-stigma intertwine to produce disability for people who stammer and how this debilitating process can be altered through seeing positive value in stammering. Patrick is co-editor of Stammering Pride & Prejudice (2019). Recently, Patrick has enjoyed getting back into jogging during lockdown.

Chris Constantino: Chris is a speech-language pathologist and assistant professor at Florida State University. Chris lives in Tallahassee, Florida with his wife, Megan, and son, Augustine. He teaches classes on counseling and stuttering and researches how the subjective experience of stuttering interacts with culture and society. Chris is co-editor of Stammering Pride & Prejudice (2019). Chris enjoys reading, bicycle riding, and scuba diving. He makes ice cream; his favorite flavor is fresh mint with Oreo pieces.

Sam Simpson: Sam is a speech and language therapist, person-centred counsellor and supervisor (www.redefiningstammering.co.uk) living outside London, England. Sam has a particular interest in the disabled peoples’ movement, the social model of disability and stuttering activism. Sam is co-editor of Stammering Therapy from the Inside: New Perspectives on Working with Young People and Adults (2013) and Stammering Pride & Prejudice (2019). In her free time, Sam enjoys walking her dog and mindfulness meditation.