2020 Conference: Ryan Cowley

Ryan Cowley: Toronto, ON, Canada

Tales of a Sportswriter Who Stutters

I will be covering my tales as a sportswriter who stutters by discussing adaptive methods I’ve used to help me conduct interviews over the phone, an area I’ve always had considerably difficulty.
I also emphasize how my methods are not a substitute for speech therapy and remind everyone, esp children who stutter and parents, not to take it for granted. I will also add an inspirational touch, using my own unpleasant experiences as a stutter, reminding everyone to pursue their dreams no matter what obstacles stand in their way.

Ryan Cowley has been a stutterer since early childhood but has never let that stop him from achieving his goals. He has been a Sportswriter since 2010 when he began his own website, covering the Los Angeles Kings of the National Hockey League. Ryan also runs his own blog, http://www.TheBigSalad.ca, about life, including his own challenges as a stutterer.
Ryan has lived in Toronto since 2009.