2020 Conference: Rich Stephens

Rich Stephens: Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Confident Voices – A unique and innovative creative arts program where every young person who stutter’s voice matters!

In 2019, The Stuttering Association for the Young – Australia (SAY: Australia) launched their FREE creative arts program ‘Confident Voices’ for young people who stutter aged 7-18 years in Melbourne. This comprehensive and innovative creative arts program utilises various forms of the arts to unlock to young people who stutter’s self-expression, confidence, and personal growth. In a safe environment of creativity, empathy, and inspiration, ‘Confident Voices’ enables the expansion of possibility for young people who stutter to be deeply heard and supported, to know that their voice matters and deserves to be heard, and more importantly, to know that they are not alone by making long-lasting friendships with other young people who stutter.

In this presentation, Rich Stephens, President of SAY: Australia and Confident Voices Programming Director, shares more about the work and philosophy of SAY: Australia.

Rich Stephens is a person who stutters. Rich is the President of SAY: Australia and has been involved with SAY (founded & based in NYC/USA since 2015). Rich is a UK qualified Mental Health Nurse and SLP. Rich’s nursing career took him to Dublin/Ireland and Wellington/NZ. Rich has a MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience & Neuroimaging, and turned down the chance to pursue his PhD studies in the USA to bring SAY to Australia. Rich believes that every person who stutter’s journey is unique and should always be respected. Rich lives in Melbourne with his partner Elaina and their beautiful baby boy Harrison.