2020 Conference: James Hayden

James Hayden: Metairie, Louisiana, USA

The Journey from Embarrassment to Embracement

What would happen if we were not embarrassed by our vulnerabilities, but rather embraced them? In this presentation, James will talk about his journey from being embarrassed by his stutter to now embracing his stutter. He will discuss what caused the shift and the benefits of embracing his stutter.

James Hayden was born, raised, and currently lives in the New Orleans area. He is a New Orleans Saints fan, Survivor superfan, HLA technologist, writer, and a person who stutters. James is the author of Dear World, I Stutter: A Series of Open Letters from a Person Who Stutters. His work has been published by The Mighty, The Stuttering Foundation, Yahoo, and MSN. James has also appeared on several podcasts and was a speaker at TEDxOchsner 2019. He also serves as the chapter leader for the New Orleans chapter for the National Stuttering Association.