2020 Conference: Daniele Rossi

Daniele Rossi: Toronto, ON, Canada

Let’s draw comics about our stutter!

I will share my joy of drawing comics about my stuttering experiences and the benefits of doing so for self-therapy, creative expression, awareness, and community. After a quick lesson on how to draw a comic strip, attendees will have the opportunity to draw their own comics about a speaking situation that happened to them (and maybe even change the ending!). All levels of drawing ability (including none) are welcomed!

Daniele Rossi is a digital strategist and cartoonist living in Toronto, Canada. Stuttering and scribbling comics since he was 4 years old, Daniele grew up to eventually produce the Stuttering is Cool podcast and book of the same name with the latter featuring comics starring Franky Banky, a cartoon fox who stutters. An active participant in the global stuttering community, Daniele co-founded Stutter Social, an online community facilitating group video chats for people who stutter; is an advisory member to the board of the Canadian Stuttering Association; and draws Franky Banky comics for the Association bègaiement communication quarterly newsletter. Daniele blocks on Ls, Ms and Ns, and stutters on vowels like Es and As. Since his first name can be difficult even for English- language non-stutterers to say fluently, you can call him Danny.